Why Your Institute Needs an On-demand Tutor App?

Why Your Institute Needs an On-demand Tutor App?


Today, people who are into the education business are opting for different new and unique ideas to make money. Either it is to change the ways of teaching or to hire the quality faculty. Developing an on-demand tutor app is another approach the institute owners are preferring to choose. 

Look At The Increasing Growth of Tutoring Management Software-

  • It is expected that the growth of enrolling tutor apps would be double in the next two years. 
  • In 2016 the on-demand solution for tutoring business was accounted to generate 63.57 US billions and it is projected that by 2021 it would bring out almost 120.67 billion US dollars. 

By seeing such a huge number of growth, many people are stepping into the online education business by developing tutoring management software. These online solutions are helping students as well to reach to the best tutors without going out of the house. This these tutor apps, it’s easy for the students to choose qualified, experienced teachers and can schedule the practice session with experts. 

Why You Needs an On-demand Tutor App-


  • Brand- Be it an apparel store or a food product, everybody of us want to buy them from the branded store. People prefer to get any service from the branded place. It is not the name or it shows some expensive tag but it’s all about the satisfaction and quality it offers to them. Similarly, the online options for tutor solutions are helping the institute owners to recognize themselves in the online market efficiently. The name of the brand directly depends on the service offered by the owner as well as the features offered in that online solutions.




  • Chat Options- In the field of education, the chat options are the most indispensable element for the on-demand tutor app. Actually, the tutor apps are created to solve the problems of the students faced while solving mathematic problems as well as the concepts of Science. Through these options, students can easily interact with the expert faculty at any time. All they need to do is just drop their queries in the form of messages. In an institute, there is a limited period that is devoted to each student, whereas, via these options, one can be available easily for 24/7. 




  • Awesome Way to Make Money- As mentioned above, through chat options one may include a video option that enables the faculty and students to interact with each other. Actually, according to many owners, while choosing a video class, they charge the students per lecture or per hour. Hence, it is a wonderful way to make money. 




  • Availability- The number of smartphone users is growing day-by-day which raise the demand for online solutions for teaching option such as- on-demand tutor app. These online options are developed for almost every user (iOS users, Android users, and Windows phone users) which is an excellent way to reach the maximum customers and to increase the revenue and to prompt the availability. 


Endnotes- It’s not an easy task to acquire the best features for an online tutoring application but with the expert people, it’s easy to get the best software.

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