List your Business on Tapkar, India's Best Business Listing Site

List your Business on Tapkar, India’s Best Business Listing Site

Looking for India’s Best Business Listing Site? Wish to grow your business? Rank better in search results? And get quality, genuine client leads, customers and users for your products and services? List your Business on Tapkar.

How to List your Business on Tapkar?

  1. Register on Tapkar by clicking on Sign-up icon at the top.
  2. Switch to a Business Account by clicking on Blue ‘Switch to Business’ icon.
  3. If you already have a business account, visit Add Business Page.
  4. Select a Listing Plan (Free or Paid, depending on the features) and add your info, portfolio, case studies, gallery etc.
  5. That’s it. Share the URL once your page is LIVE.

Is Tapkar the only Business Listing Site?

No, there are so many business listing sites. One example is JustDial. Your end goal should not be to list on all possible sites, but rather on best sites which can provide you genuine leads. One way to know that is to spend few minutes on any website and see all the features that it provides, which can assist your business. It’s a long term investment, but well worth your time.

How to boost business via Tapkar?

Tapkar is a complete business platform, with many integrated features to assist users and businesses in finding each other. You can boost your business via Tapkar in 3 simple ways:

  1. Business Listing – Your Tapkar page, if done right, can become your Best Employee, Business Partner, Recruiter, Sales Person, Marketer and anything else you want it to!
  2. Sell on Tapkar – If you are a freelancer, or provide B2B / B2C Services in India, or in the Services industry, register as a Service Provider on Tapkar and sell your services easily. Get Orders, deliver your services and get paid instantly. It’s safe, and extremely beneficial for small and medium businesses who wish to get ahead of their competition.
  3. Promote your Business – You can share your business page to potential clients so that they can easily see your portfolio, reviews, case studies and services details, all at one trusted, convenient location. Additionally, you can boost your business by placing ads at various strategic locations via Tapkar. Click here for more details about how to advertise your business on Tapkar.
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