Why to Sell on Tapkar?

Secure Transaction
As a Seller, your money is secure with us. You just have to focus on delivering the service purchased by the buyer. Once you have delivered the service, your payments are settled within 15 days of completion of service and receiving your withdrawal request, if not sooner.
All Businesses/Service Providers can list their services on Tapkar, no matter how niche your service/clientele is! Buyers are always looking to be impressed. This is your chance.
Business Expansion
Tapkar is visible throughout India. This allows you to get clients from any city possible, provided your service allows you to. You can easily mention this on the service description while you are adding your service via Sales Dashboard! e.g. Do you provide Social media marketing services, with you being in New Delhi? You can get a Mumbai client if they like your Business Page/Work.
Order Management
As a Seller, you can easily Manage your Orders on your personal Sales Dashboard. Once you have delivered your service, you can change the order status as Delivered yourself. Upon successful confirmation from client, your order is marked as Complete automatically!
Custom Store Page
Each Seller also gets an additional Store Page which lists all their services. e.g. www.tapkar.com/store/your-username Now, apart from your Business Page, where you can show your services that you are selling, you can also share your store page directly with anyone! 🙂
No Custom Invoicing
As a Seller, you handle all GST invoices yourself without any intrusion from Tapkar. With you managing your accounting, there won't be any need for you to change your accounting practices to accommodate Tapkar. Just consider Tapkar as your personal Sales Person. 😉

Who can sell on Tapkar?

All Service Providers with Business Pages on Tapkar, can apply to sell their services on Tapkar. Who can list on Tapkar? See Categories here or Listing Policy.

Some of the categories including Travel, B2B Services, Health, B2C Services, Recreation, Hospitality, Education, Personal Services etc.

If you are a service provider or your business/work can be described as a service, be it online or offline, you can sell on Tapkar 🙂

How to Sell on Tapkar?

Tapkar allows businesses and service providers to sell their services. Users can purchase these services while visiting your business page. Once you have delivered the service to the user (after confirmation from the client/customer), your payment will be available to you on your dashboard, where you can easily withdraw to your bank account registered with us.

Tapkar allows businesses/startups to sell their services easily via its platform.

To do that, follow the simple steps below:

Step 1

Register on Tapkar via this link.

Step 2:

Submit this simple form to apply to become a seller on Tapkar.

Step 3:

Once your account is approved as a seller, go to ‘Sales Dashboard‘ option, and click on Products.

Step 4:

Add your Services, its description, pricing (inclusive of GST) and other details. Note, currently we only allow sellers to sell services/bookings via Tapkar, not physical products. Also, all pricing entered has to be inclusive of 18% GST Service charge. If there is some other tax rate for your service, let us know.

Step 5:

Skip this step if you haven’t created your business page/listing yet. If you have created your page already, open the page, click on ‘Edit Listing’ and move to step 7.

Step 6:

Create your Business Page/Listing by going to Add Listing option on the homepage. (The option is visible once you register.)

Step 7:

While adding your listing, select your Services you added in Step 4, in the ‘Sell on Tapkar’ section. Just type their name and it will be visible in the drop down option.

Step 8:

Once your listing is approved, your services will now be visible on Tapkar, for all users to buy them.

How much does Tapkar charge?

Currently, Tapkar charges a flat commission of 10% (excl. of GST) from the Sellers/ Businesses/Service Providers.

e.g. If you sell a Massage appointment via Tapkar for INR 1000 incl. of taxes, you will receive INR 900 after successfully completing your service.

In turn, your clients (past or existing) can also give you feedback on your business page and leave a review.

It’s simple. It’s easy. 🙂

Common Guidelines

Seller Guidelines have been made to create a safe business environment for All Sellers.

Selling on Tapkar is good and beneficial for bonafide businesses/service providers who conduct their operations in a safe and transparent manner.

1. All Sellers must follow Terms and Conditions of Tapkar. Click here to know about them.

2. All Services being sold on Tapkar must follow the Listing Policy of Tapkar.

3. Sellers can withdraw their revenue after a period of 7-14 days after completion of order. Clients/Customers are asked to mark the order as Complete within 3 days, once you, the seller, mark it as Delivered.

4. Only Delivered Orders’ revenue shall be provided to the seller, once it is approved by the buyer.

5. All terms and conditions, requirements, expectations, service details, must be mentioned in full in the product/service description with no hidden agenda or information. Transparency is important.

6. Any change in business information including but not limited to tax, bank account etc. should be communicated to Tapkar within time. We shall not be responsible for any financial or other damage due to lack of such current information.

7.  Sellers must not sell their services on Tapkar  with the intention to fraud, dupe, mislead or cause any harm to the buyer or Tapkar. Such Sellers/Business Owners will be liable for criminal proceedings.

8. All Pricing, and Taxes, are the responsibility of the Seller, as mentioned in Terms and Conditions of Tapkar. It is the responsibility of the Seller to send a duly signed Purchase Invoice (GST Tax Invoice) to Buyer. To facilitate this, Buyer information is available for each order in the Order page.

9. Any disputes to be handled mutually between Seller and Buyer. For more, read Terms and Conditions.