How to Grow your Business in India with Tapkar?

How to Grow your Business in India with Tapkar?

Tapkar provides a comprehensive platform for firms and startups so that as a business owner, it is easy to grow your business in India. How? Through Tapkar’s integrated features which resolve the common problems faced by users, customers and clients all over India.

So let’s identify three core problems and see how you can use Tapkar to overcome these problems.

Scattered Information to find the right business company for you

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As a user or a client, our choices are unlimited so this makes it hard to make a calculated decision based on the information available to us. Case in Point: You do a simple search on top website development companies near your region, and you get over a hundred results easily. More, if you are located near a popular city.

Now, you have to do research on these companies, like their past clients, their portfolio, their reviews, case studies and analyse whether they can bring your vision to reality. For that, you go to various sources like their website, different social platforms, different review platforms, and after an hour, you feel like it might not be the one. Multiply that by a hundred if you do for all the companies that showed up on your search results.

It’s illogical to spend so much time searching which could obviously be used for better stuff and the irony here is that more information is making our job tougher.

So, to address this pain point, we thought of creating a platform that simplifies this process by taking up all information and putting it at a single place – Portfolio, Case Studies, Reviews, Clientele and Business Details. Now, all you have to do is visit the companies’ Tapkar page and you have all this information at a single place. Question comes, is who adds this data? The company does, of course. They are trying to woo you here. And so are their competitors. The reviews are as good as any you could find on an open platform. The main purpose here is to reduce the time spent on searching for information and put it to use by spending looking at this information and making decisions. Now, you don’t have to comb through the entire internet for this information.

And as a business, you have to make sure that this Tapkar page is your resume. Make it good, make it yours. There is no wrong answers as it’s your own business on the line.

Business Risk of no returns

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When you place an order, you are putting on money where your mouth is, and hoping for your desired outcome. Most of the times, it works out great, but sometimes, it doesn’t. The business has your money, and now you’re afraid of them not delivering the result you wanted. That’s the thing of going one-on-one. Sure, you cut out the middleman ( a platform like ours) but you lose your support in case something goes wrong. Marketplace platforms hedge that risk, depending on the platform.

Tapkar, as you know, also allows businesses, firms, startups or any other business that provides a service (even a restaurant) to sell their services via its platform. As a user, buying via Tapkar has 2 advantages – No commission charged from the buyer i.e. you don’t pay Tapkar anything for its services ( charges 3% from Clients/ Employers), and the second is that you get buyer protection – seller (freelancer, business etc) doesn’t get paid till they deliver the service to your satisfaction. So it’s a no brainer for users / clients to buy services via Tapkar.

But why would a business sell via Tapkar?

  1. They get a wide audience that they wouldn’t have otherwise, because now they get orders from all over India, giving you opportunity to grow your business in India.
  2. Tapkar also provides seller protection. We make sure that the buyer is being reasonable and genuine in their demands while asking for revisions.
  3. Minimum commission charges – Commissions start at 10% and go lower as you rise up the ranks based on total number of orders delivered.

So yes, a win-win for both buyers and sellers.

As a Business, it allows you to somewhat implement business growth strategies like discussed here.

Platforms that Unsafe, Difficult to Customize cause problems

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We all need platforms that are safe, easy and transparent. Most good platforms do that and Tapkar takes it to the next level. All payments are securely handled whether its money from the buyers or remitting to the seller.

Sometimes, as a client, our demands are unique, and we need to flattered by some companies before we make a decision. We need best proposals that can deliver our work in timely fashion. Tapkar allows this facility to the users who can place your requirements as a custom project.

Businesses can send their proposals including pricing bids and timeline, directly via their Tapkar page. On receiving the proposals, you get to look at their past reviews, work history etc., so that as a client, you can make an informed decision.

So there you have it. That was your 5 minute guide on how to embark your business journey via Tapkar!

Like we said before :-

As a business, your Tapkar page, if done right, can become your Best Employee, Business Partner, Recruiter, Sales Person, Marketer and anything else you want it to! 

For users, it is a simple platform to readily access business listings, events, jobs, discount offers and other information, buy services, all available via a single tap.

So if you want to grow your business in India, take a look at TAPKAR!

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