How to Boost your Business in India via Tapkar?

How to Boost your Business in India via Tapkar?

Tapkar is a Business Platform which allows Professionals, Brands, Businesses, Stores, Startups and Local Business firms to easily showcase their details to prospective users and clients/customers, as well as sell their services.

Here are 7 Steps to Follow / Things to Do to maximize your potential of boosting your business and brand profile on Tapkar:

1. Create an Ultimate Business Page:

You should utilize the full potential of your Business Listing on Tapkar. Not just Business Description and contact information. That is available for every business. Do something that sets you apart from others. Add attractive Images, Videos. Create a Services Portfolio Menu (via Edit Listing) wherein you can list your core services, their images and even their pricing. Also, constantly edit and revamp your business page based on your business model and type of clients you are looking to attract. Add Success Stories and Case Studies. Also you must create a Verified / Claimed Listing. Click here to know how and why?!

2. Reply to Reviews

Tapkar allows users/visitors to add detailed reviews for Businesses. As a Business owner, you can reply to the feedback received. This will also encourage other users to give you a feedback, thereby boosting your ranking inside Tapkar. Also, higher reviewed businesses will also get additional SEO benefits in search engines like Google, and Yahoo. If you haven’t gotten much or any review, invite your clients to write one. It will hardly take more than 2 minutes. Well Reviewed Businesses are always preferred by potential clients.

3. Sell on Tapkar

If you belong to a Services industry, you should try the option of Selling on Tapkar. It allows you to list your services, and set a selling price. Interested clients can instantly buy your services, without having to go back and forth with the entire negotiation process which might lead to loss of a client. It’s easy to setup and there’s no reason that a B2B / B2C company shouldn’t try it. Check here for more.

Also once you create your products, add them on your Business Page, so that clients can also buy directly from your business page. ( Go to Edit Listing option by opening your Listing and Click on Sell on Tapkar. )

4. Post Jobs

If you are looking to hire, why not add jobs on your Business Page as well. It will have 2 direct effects – Better Job Responses and Business Marketing. Why, Business Marketing, you ask? Let’s say you regularly hire Digital Marketing Experts in your firm, and add your jobs on your business page. It will help the clients in knowing about your current as well future talent pool, which might give him extra confidence in your business acumen. If not, the first objective of Better Job Responses is more than enough, anyhow. The second one is just a bonus.

5. Utilize Tapkar Points

Tapkar points are loyalty points that are awarded for most actions that users take on Tapkar. It could be daily visits, posting reviews, posting content etc. These points can also be used for all purchases on Tapkar. So it makes sense to earn these points and save yourself some money. Be it buying promotional packages on Tapkar for your business or buying services from some other business via Tapkar, use these points to your advantage.

6. Add Events (and Sell Tickets if you want)

If you host or conduct Events, you should add one on Tapkar as well, and link it with your business page. It will create a virtual timeline, and improve your business visibility on Tapkar and other search engine results as well. Plus, you are more likely to get interested Event visitors.

You can also sell Event Tickets via Tapkar. Just create a product via Sell on Tapkar, and add it to your Event Page by going to Edit Event option.

7. Utilize Instant Chat for Instant Conversions

Interact with Customers via chat on website and Tapkar app, to get instant notifications whenever you receive a message. Reply to them to get the entire process started. The better and faster you reply, your chances of a successful conversion improve drastically.

There are so many things to do on Tapkar, but we hope that you try the above 7 things. Not only will they help you in the long run, but also assist you in boosting short term business sales.

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