How to advertise your Business page on Tapkar?

How to advertise your Business page on Tapkar?

With thousands of Businesses, Brands and Firms listed on Tapkar, the platform is quite competitive, which is both good and bad news for business owners. Good news, is that a competitive business platform like Tapkar, delivers you the best value in terms of user engagement, brand visibility and potential client leads. Bad news, is that now as a business, you need to try hard to be visible above your competitors on critical pages on our platform.

To help you easily advertise/promote your business on Tapkar, you can use self-serve ads within Tapkar.

Where are they visible?

These ads show your listing/ business page on various locations of the platform depending on your choice. Some of these locations are:

  1. Homepage
  2. Search Page
  3. Top of Search Results (if a user is looking for a similar category)
  4. Other Business Pages
  5. Within Articles / Blogs
  6. Category/ City Pages

How much do they cost?

It purely depends on the location where you wish to show your ad. e.g. Homepage Ads cost more than Search page ads, since more users are likely to see ads on homepage.

Do you have fixed packages?

Yes, we have created fixed cost and days packages for our users. That means, your ads will be visible to everyone for those selected number of days. e.g. Home Page Slider Ads run for 7 consecutive days, and costs around INR 2000, whereas Top of Search Results ad run for 1 day and costs around INR 650.

Can we renew once our promotion days expire?

Yes, as long as you have a live business page/listing on Tapkar, you can buy new packages or renew old ones or both.

How to get Started?

You can visit the Self-Serve Ads menu in 2 ways:

  1. Via your Listing page.

Just open your Listing and go to Promote Listing option.

2. Via Dashboard

or Visit Listings > Click on Boost Post.

Once you click on the Promote/ Boost option, you will see a screen like this below:

Just scroll and select your package, and place your order online! 🙂

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