Frequently Asked Questions

By Users and Business Owners

How to create an account?

Visit our Register page and create an account instantly.

You can use the same link for Login and in case of you forget your password.

Things to do on Tapkar?

Top 7 Things to Do on Tapkar
1. Find a Business to fulfil your requirements. Any category, any place in India.
2. Find Events and Job Listings shared by companies on Tapkar.
3. Create your Personal / Business Page to improve visibility.
4. Review Hotels, Restaurants, Service Chains, Companies and what not!
5. Buy/Sell on Tapkar - If you provide a service, make sure you sell on Tapkar. You'll love it! 🙂
6. Write Articles, Expert Opinions, Share Knowledge. Awesome Articles are featured on our Homepage as well.
7. Chat, Collect Leads, Check out latest Startups in over 100+ Industries!
There are many more things to do, but we promised Top 7. 🙂

How to share my Tapkar page?

It’s simple. Open your profile via any review or your listing.

Or fill in the below URL.

To find out your business/company page, just open your listing and copy the URL

How to earn Tapkar Points?

Tapkar points are a part of Loyalty Programme of Tapkar. These are rewarded for most of the actions taken by users on our platform including referrals, adding reviews, articles, posts etc., or buying services from sellers, or buying promotion plans and so on.

You also get Tapkar points whenever you earn a Badge or gain a Rank.

Here are some of the extra ways you earn TPs:
Instance Amount Limit
Tapkar Points for becoming a member 100 -
Tapkar Points for being a member for a year 500 -
Tapkar Points for visiting Tapkar 2 -
Tapkar Points for writing a new Article 20 Maximum 10 times per month
Tapkar Points for published content 5 Maximum 50 times per day
Tapkar Points for Add a Business Page 10 Maximum 2 times per month
Tapkar Points for Adding an Event 10 Maximum 2 times per month
Tapkar Points for Adding a Job Opening 10 No limit
Tapkar Points for Adding a Case Study 5 Maximum 5 times per month
Tapkar Points for posting a Review 10 Maximum 5 times per day
Tapkar Points for promoting a Listing 50 No limit
Tapkar Points for referring a new member 100 Maximum 50 times per week

What are these Badges on User profiles?

There are over 40+ Badges that a User can earn, and we add new every week.

Badges denote accomplishments achieved by a user on Tapkar. e.g. Content Hero Badge is awarded when a user has posted a review or articles on Tapkar more than 20 times.

There’s no list of badges. You gotta discover them 🙂

Tapkar Emails are coming in Spam folder. What to do?

Email Providers rank your incoming emails as spam for various reasons best known to them.

To receive all Tapkar emails in your inbox, please add & as a contact to your mail contact.  That way, all our emails will hopefully come directly to your inbox.

Don’t forget to mark emails as not spam if they come to your spam folder, so that your mail provider knows that you are expecting this email.

Note: Tapkar will never send you any email, other than order updates and confirmations of actions that you undertook on your Tapkar account. In case of any suspicious email, write to us at

As a User

Here are some questions that users wonder about. Have any other question in mind? Contact us.

How to find a Business?

You can find a Business/ Brand/ Service Provider in 3 ways:

1. Search via Name:

Just enter their name on the search bar on Homepage or at the top, and see the magic happen.

2. Search via Location:

Want to know top services providers near your location or city? Just select your city here and then you can filter via various options like categories, price range, reviews etc.

3. Search via Category:

Need a list of top Digital Marketing firms or any other category? Just select a category here and filter your results as per the requirement.

How to contact a Business Owner?

Good Business Pages give out their contact information on the page itself.

If you can’t find one (email or phone), just tap on the ‘Message’ tab which is available on the top of every business page. Then, you can chat with them via an internal chat function with full privacy.

How to buy on Tapkar?

Tapkar allows interested service providers/businesses to sell their services on their business page. 

These are visible under ‘My Products/ Services’ option on the page. If there isn’t any such option on the company you chose, that means they, currently, aren’t selling their services via Tapkar.

Does Tapkar charge commission from users to buy on Tapkar?

No, Tapkar doesn’t charge any commission from user/client/customer. The price you see is the one put up by the seller/service provider.

How to leave a Review?

Just open the business page of the company/firm and leave a review at the bottom. You can also discuss with them via a thread inside the review, to sort out any problems, or receive a vote of thanks.

Users are encouraged to give a detailed review, so that it helps others who are hoping to make a decision of Yes or No.

Where to find Job Listings?

Companies can add their jobs directly on their business page.

Additionally, all jobs are visible here.

Do I need to do something else to register my business?

No, by default, all registered users can add/create a business page.

However, if you wish to sell on Tapkar, you need to register here.

If I have custom requirements while buying a service on Tapkar, what to do?

On the checkout page, there will be an option to upload a file (PDF, DOC, JPG). You can write your requirements in a file and upload it.

Additionally, send a reminder to the seller/service provider via chat or call, so that they can especially look for your requirement document.

Do I need to approve the order once seller delivers my order?

Yes, in order to ensure buyer protection, we give our buyers a 72 hrs period during which they can approve or deny the order which the seller has claimed that they have delivered.

However, for seller interests as well, as a buyer, you cannot deny an order if the service was sub-standard as long as you got the service which was mentioned in the description at the time of placing an order. For more, read Terms and Conditions.

In case you forget to approve, your orders will automatically be marked as approved after your 72 hr period expires.

Also, make sure you collect a GST Invoice from the Seller, for your accounting purposes. Tapkar doesn’t provide invoices for purchase of services from sellers.

Can people follow me or read my reviews?

All of your reviews are visible on your personal profile page, so that you and anyone else, can check them out.

Give detailed reviews for a better following.

What are the Rank Levels?

Ranks denote Lifetime Tapkar Points earned by that user. As mentioned in Common FAQs, users earn Tapkar Points for a lot of things they do on Tapkar.

You gain Ranks as you earn more Tapkar Points.

    • Newbie : 0 – 999 TPs
    • Learner : 1,000 – 4,999 TPs
    • Pro : 5,000 – 19,999 TPs
    • VIP : 20,000 – 49,999 TPs
    • Superhero : 50,000 – 99,999 TPs
    • Wizard : 100,000 – 499,999 TPs

How to view my Tapkar Points transactions?

You can check your Tapkar Points as well as Wallet Balance (if any) on My Tapkar Points page.

As a Business Owner

Here are some questions that service providers/ business owners wonder about. Have any other question in mind? Contact us.

Can anyone add their Business Page?

Yes, all Business owners, conducting a bonafide business (products, services, etc.) can add their business page on Tapkar. Tapkar believes in providing a common ground for all businesses to succeed by using our platform.

However, in light of government restrictions and our own policy, some of the business categories are not allowed on Tapkar. Read them here.

How much does it cost to create a Business Page?

Tapkar has 3 affordable plans, including Free Listing, Basic Listing and Premium Listing.

As the name suggests, Basic and Premium listing have some additional features for our paid members.

However, Free Listing has all the necessary features a new or a small business would need in the beginning, to create an awesome page.

Each plan has different validity, after which you must renew your plan.

You can change your plan at the time of renewal.

Can I sell on Tapkar?

Tapkar allows interested service providers/businesses to sell their services on their business page. 

These are visible under your ‘My Products/ Services’ option on the page.

Currently, we only allow service providers to sell on Tapkar. If you are selling a physical product, you can mention those products on your business page directly, without a sell option.

To know more, visit this link.

Does Tapkar charge commission from Sellers to sell on Tapkar?

Yes, to manage our administrative and platform costs, Tapkar charges a standard 10% (excl. of 18% GST) commission from sellers/service providers.

e.g. If you are a Marketing company, selling a plan for INR 10,000 on Tapkar, then upon successfully delivering a service, you will earn INR 9000 via Tapkar.

How to notify Tapkar that you have delivered a service for your order?

Just open the Order Page, and mark the order as delivered. Once you mark it as delivered, customer will get a notification to approve it instantly.

Your customer will have 72 hours to manually approve it, otherwise the order will be automatically marked as completed.

Once order is marked as completed, you are eligible to withdraw the payment, after Withdraw threshold period of 7 days, as per Terms and Conditions.

Withdraw Threshold protects Buyers, Sellers and Tapkar in case of fraudulent transactions, Payment Failures, Disputes, Improper Rights, Money Laundering requests etc.

Is it mandatory to sell our services on Tapkar?

No, of course not. You can just create your awesome Business page and get ready to collect some genuine leads from our visitors.

My Services changes depending on customer requirements. How to handle this while selling my service?

Customers can, if they want to, upload their requirements by attaching a file while placing their order. You can review this file on the top of the order details page. For any queries, you can get in touch with the customer.

If your service requires custom requirements, mention them in the product description so that customers can upload the requirements as per your instructions.

How to promote my business listing? Do you have ads facility?

Yes. To allow new and upcoming businesses to get the attention of their target audience, we allow everyone to promote their business via ads.

These are priced differently, on the basis of location on the website/app where they will be shown. e.g. On Other Business Pages, Home Page, Category Page, Search etc.. Also they are valid for 1-15 days depending on the plan you choose.

To promote your Business, go to Dashboard > Listings and click on Boost Listing button next to your listing.

Or open your listing, and you will see a Promote Listing button, just above your business/listing description box.

How to issue an invoice to the buyer if I sell my service?

You have create an invoice for your services and send them to the buyer directly. Make sure the amount is the same as the order amount as shown in order details page, and not the amount you received after Tapkar commission.

All services/products pricing entered by you while creating a service, is inclusive of 18% GST, so make provision for that in the invoice as well.

What is Tapkar Wallet withdrawal option on Sales Dashboard?

Tapkar Wallet / Tapkar Balance can be used to shop on Tapkar. 

As a Seller on Tapkar, if you wish to use some of your earnings to promote or upgrade your business page, you can withdraw some of your earnings to your Tapkar Wallet Balance and use it to pay for them. 

You can see your Tapkar Wallet on My Tapkar Points page, at the end.

Note: Your Tapkar Wallet Balance cannot be withdrawn to your bank account.

How to tell Tapkar my GSTIN for input credit?

Visit your user profile via Dashboard and add GSTIN number.

If we don’t have your GSTIN, we cannot issue you a B2B invoice for claiming input credits.