Why should you claim/verify your Listing?

Anyone can submit information on Tapkar, including creating business pages for others. To let the users know that the business information on the page is verified and checked by the business owner, one must claim the listing.

Claim Listing facility allows reputed businesses to place a sense of trust on their business page on Tapkar.

Users/Visitors are more likely to contact verified businesses than non-verified, since it shows that business has actually worked on their page, and have taken ownership of it.

What do you get?

1. Verified Badge on your Page, and throughout the website.

2. Personal Contact form ( helps in getting instant leads from visitors)

3. Manage Page via Dashboard

4. Sell on your Business Page.

5. Better ranking on search pages.

6. Additional hidden benefits 🙂

How to claim a Business Page/Listing on Tapkar?

While submitting your claim, mention which method you have chosen to verify your listing.

You can claim a listing/page in 2 simple ways:

Method 1 (If you have a website):

  1. Create a page called verify-on-tapkar.html and place it on your home directory of your website (e.g. www.mysite.org/verify-on-tapkar.html)  with the following content: verify-tapkar: yes
  2.  Our Support Team will call you or send an OTP to your mobile number mentioned on your website or a number of your choosing.

That’s it!

Note: Your Business Website should be publically verifiable via other platforms like Google Business and other social networking sites. In simple words, your website should actually be the one that you have mentioned on Tapkar.


Method 2:

Submit your Business details (Any 2) via email / claim form to us:

1. Company/Business PAN Card scanned copy

2. Company Certificate of Incorporation

3. Company/ Business Address Proof (Utility Bill / Bank Account passbook in name of Business)

4. GSTIN Registration Certificate copy