Safety Plus Power Private Limited
Safety Plus Power Private Limited

Safety Plus Power Private Limited


Offering power transmission services power distribution services etc.

Safety Plus Power Ltd. (Formerly known as Efficient Safety Plus India Pvt. Ltd.) incorporated by a group of experienced professionals from UP Power Corporation Limited provides a comprehensive set of services for all aspects of power value chain; ranging from Network Designing Transmission and Distribution Quality Control to Energy Audit. We aim to provide a reliable and strong infrastructure for Electrical Network. Our company is managed by a group of leading engineers of all time who are retired from UP Power Corporation Ltd. They are:

Er. S.C. Govil

Er. R.D. Aggarwal

Er. R.S. Gupta

Er. S.C. Rathi

Er. S.K. Jain

Er. Shyam Kumar

Our experts work with a team of young engineers to blend their experience with innovation to adapt to the changes in the state of market technology and competition efficiently. We believe in client value creation; therefore client’s satisfaction is the measure of our success. Our solutions reflect our philosophy. Our rapid growth is attributed to our experienced professionals and our business philosophy. We are accredited for providing Quality Customized Services to our clients. As we find ourselves in a business climate that demands swift action and even swifter results we are committed to become more competitive dynamic and flexible.

Business Address

C-261 Sector - 63


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