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When it comes to relocating you could undergo pretty unnerving times with all the hassles of packing up innumerable items ensuring that your most precious objects are unscathed in transportation and completing cumbersome paperwork. We seek to be your partner in such anarchy. And we assure you that you will cheer yourself for having chosen us to stand by you. Established in the year 2000 our objective was to provide quality logistics solutions in the field of packing and moving of household goods and other commercial commodities. Our company is in the able hands of professionals who have learnt the finer nuances of this trade through personal experience of more than a decade. Apart from our vast experience we are strategically associated with a vital network of organizations. This ensures that the service we provide is not only widened geographically but also strengthened logistically. In association with our alliances we service all major cities of India and also overseas. Also since we have our own in-house customs clearance department your shipment is under our control at all stages. This factor provides a great sense of security to the anxious mind. Ever since our conception it has been our foremost goal to provide matchless service standards and in the process of meeting this goal we have devised new means and procedures. We monitor our service levels on a daily basis and make place for improvement at the slightest chance to do so. In that sense we are an extremely proactive and dynamic with our heart in the right place. At AIMS Logistics we specialise in providing comprehensive relocation services apart from being professional packers and movers and freight forwarders. We also excel in pet moving and provide free information on customs and baggage rules.

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202 Darshan,21 R. D. Street Fort,Mumbai 400001

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