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Like a lever in a watch or a ball bearing in a car there are a million small things that work together simultaneously to set things in motion. ADS INDIA does the same when building your brand. By taking care of the smallest details so you can look at the bigger picture. We develop robust marketing strategies and full communication plans for corporate and product initiatives on behalf of our clients. We provide our clients with a single source that assumes responsibility for the entire marketing function within a company or just a specialist project; effectively taking on the marketing management role within our client’s enterprises.


We are the strategically driven creatively focused organization with fertile mind and strong resources will produce powerful and complete solution that help our client grow by building stronger brand equity in the mind of their customers. ADS INDIA creates an environment where ideas are encouraged from any source so that people can produce the best work in the quickest turnaround time. Thus optimizing resources and creating focused marketing solution that go a long way in building brand consideration. Our approach is to offer integrated business solution through strategic planning. We are specialities in the preparation of R&D and Business Projects Overall management of the project from start to the completion Organizing Training & Worksop Services Products Industrial & Online Training Contract Research Dissertation and Scientific Events in the field of Life-Sciences Biotechnology Microbiology Bioinformatics Pharmacology Agri-Biotech etc.g research advertising events and various interactive media. We build lasting relationships with our clients – becoming a partner instead of just a vendor. And to achieve this clients need to be happy with both our creative work and our service. We feel it’s important to deliver on both these fronts with constant diligence.

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B-44 Kalkaji New Delhi, , New Delhi

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