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Tapkar (pronounced टैपकर in Hindi) is a Business Platform which allows Professionals, Brands, Businesses, Stores, Startups and Local Business firms to easily showcase their details to prospective users and clients/customers, as well as sell their services.

For users, it is a simple platform to readily access business listings, events, jobs, discount offers and other information, all available via a single tap.

There are over 100+ Business Industries currently supported on Tapkar with new being added every week, so that both our visitors and businesses are able to find each other in a user friendly manner.
Discover Tapkar! 🙂

What if someone told you that a Single 'Tap' on the screen can change the way you do business?

Tapkar is more than just a Business Listing Platform in India. It's changing the way you do business in India 🙂

Tapkar is a Business Platform which allows users, professionals, startups, brands and businesses to do THREE core things:

1. Discover India’s Best Businesses: Everything about them including their Services Portfolio, Clientele, Reviews, Key Features, Gallery, Videos, Case Studies, Expert Opinions/ Articles, Jobs, Products and Services, Events, Contact Information, Instant Chat etc., available directly on their awesome Business/ Brand Page.

2. Buy Services / Hire Professionals: One can buy any service provided by businesses/ professionals / experts registered as ‘Sellers’ via a Single ‘tap’ on their screen.

3. Sell Services / Packages: Business owners or any registered user, can directly sell their services, membership plans, packages and what not, on our platform!

What's in it for the users?

Why do our visitors just love TapKar

Find Top Listings

Be it a Hotel, or a Fashion Store, or a Startup, users can easily find relevant details like latest services, offers, packages, coupons etc. Also based on their listing page, you can easily judge how much work a company has put in to impress you. 😉

Detailed Reviews

Find Trusted Reviews posted by clients/customers and learn from their experience to make a wise choice. Each Reviews are heavily detailed on various scales, and not just a 5 star review system.

Buy Quality Services

Businesses/ Freelancers on Tapkar sell their services directly from their business page. Be it a membership in case of a Beauty Salon, or a SEO Marketing plan in case of a Marketing firm, all businesses on Tapkar are selling highly cost-effective services.

Find Jobs

Look out for prospective job openings for any business directly on their page. No need to search everywhere, just open their business listing page. Most Businesses would've listed their job openings in detail.

Discussion Forum

Read and Share Business, Marketing, Sales, Technology and other articles written by CXOs, Managers and Industry Experts. Do you have something to share? Now you can!These are also accessible directly on their business page.

Coupons and Offers

Check Coupons and Offers posted by various shopping stores daily. Next time you visit any store, do check their offers on Tapkar! 😀

Instant Connect

Thanks to a sophisticated internal chat system, users can easily communicate with interested businesses without revealing their personal contact information first.

Key Deliverables

Want to know how a business is going above their normal practices to help clients like you? Browse their case studies, gallery, videos etc.

What's in it for Businesses?

Why should a Business be on Tapkar!

Top Directory

As a Business, your goal is to maximize your reach and work towards gaining more potential clients. Tapkar is just the right platform for this and so much more.

Sell Services

Selling Services on Tapkar is extremely easy for all sellers. We handle the payment, you handle the work. With highly cost effective commission charges, it's time to grow your business!

Instant Chat

Clients/Customers love to connect instantly to know more about you. Those initial few minutes are important. Now thanks to the website, and our apps, you can easily maintain contact with them.

Beat the Competition

You can easily outrank your competitors by maintaining a good, professional business page. If your customers love you, it will show massively via your page as well as your ranking. If you are looking for a quick boost, you can easily promote your business via simple ad packages.

Showcase Industry Expertise

Does you and your team have an unparalleled business expertise in your industry? Showcase it by writing your experiences, lessons and insights, so that your target clients who how much better are they off if they choose you!

Build a great Team

By posting high quality job details directly on your business page, now you can easily find good, genuine candidates to join your company. No matter whether you are a local shopping store or a big MNC, you will get responses from people who know your business.

Business Story

You get a chance to write a complete business story, via images, videos, service/product details, articles, track record, testimonials and so much more. Getting right customers/clients has now never been easier for a good business.

Attract Clients

Your Business Page on Tapkar can do wonders for you if you utilize its full potential. It's simple, it's easy and it's tremendously effective. It's your best Sales Pitch you can think of!