3 Ways to Boost your Business

3 Ways to Boost your Business

As a Business, you need to stay ahead of your competition and engage your clients simultaneously. No client should want to walk away from you if they are looking for products/ services that you provide.

Here are 3 Tips for New Businesses and Startups to steadily catch up with their competitors:

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Create a Differentiation:

If you are providing the exact service as a well settled business firm, no one would walk up to you. But that shouldn’t stop you from providing such services. Rather, create a differentiation, be it the service quality, the pricing, the after-sales service or the entire experience.

e.g. You are a Website Development company, in an extremely crowded market. Here’s you create a differentiation :

  • Offer Complimentary Services: If the client is looking for a responsive website, offer to provide them an android / iOS app at a fractional cost (if not for free). It doesn’t even have to be a full version app. Create a lite version, and send it to the client, and mention this on your website. Visitors want to feel special. Do that!
  • Cross-Sell: Provide Hosting account to your client who buys a higher priced service. You might feel that your profit margin will go down by giving a free hosting account, or charging low for it. But remember, you are in for the long game.

Price your Services Like an Amateur, Work like a Professional:

Do some research and figure out what your competitors are quoting for certain work projects. Make sure you charge near that price, even lower if possible. But never let the project price dictate your work. Whether it is INR 100 or INR 10,000 , your work quality should never ever be affected. Be professional about the whole thing. Make sure the client knows that they matter to you, and perhaps you are ready for a big project from them. It’s all mind games. If this guy is working so well for a small project, I wonder how well will he do for a bigger project.

But note, never make the client feel that you are expecting a bigger project from them. Do 20-50 projects of INR 100 for them, if they want you to! But iterate in some context that you do big projects as well, like via monthly newsletters etc.

Create your Portfolio:

No one is going to dream how capable are you, in your work/ industry. Create an online Portfolio, via Case Studies, Success Stories, Images, Videos etc. Use Different Business Platforms to show such portfolios. Of course, Tapkar.com is just one of the many out there. Share your work as much as possible, wherever you can. Don’t spam though, make sure your content is appreciated at that portal. e.g. Don’t post your Fashion Range products on a Technology platform. You don’t want to be seen as an idiot.

Remember, it’s not a sprint. Comment below about your business and perhaps we will provide you with a tailored advice 🙂

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