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Easily Find any Brand, Business, Freelancer or a Professional online via Tapkar, in India. More than 100+ Industries available including Services, Travel, Hospitality, Education, Retail, Food etc.

tapkar  is more than a combination of Business Listing Platform and a Services Marketplace –  It’s a Business Ecosystem, of users, experts and businesses! 🌐 #CreateImpressions #SuccessStories 🚀

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Are you a Brand, Business, Startup, Store, Outlet, Chain, Professional or doing any business in India?
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What makes Tapkar, India's Hottest Business Platform?

Tapkar aims to connect millions of users with millions of businesses, professionals and freelancers all over India.
Be it Professionals, Brands, Businesses, Stores, Startups and Local Business firms, you can find India's best, on Tapkar.

For users, it is a simple platform to readily access business listings, events, reviews, jobs, discount offers, buy services and any other information, all available via a single tap.

Aaj se bas kuch bhi chahiye toh 'tap kar'

Here’s what Users and Businesses can do on Tapkar!

1. Browse


India's Hottest, Latest and Best Business firms are on Tapkar.
With over 100+ Industries and Categories, Tapkar provides a unique platform for all businesses of any scale, any industry, any place on India, who are ready for the next level.


Be it a Startup or a Fortune 500, here's what you can Discover here

Their Services Portfolio, Clientele, Reviews, Key Features, Gallery, Videos, Case Studies, Expert Opinions/ Articles, Jobs, Products and Services, Events, Contact Information, Chat etc.
All this and more on their Verified Business Pages!
Don't forget - 100+ Business Categories, 200+ Indian Cities!

2. Buy


Whether you are buying a Membership or a ticket, or buying a full scale Marketing Service, Tapkar helps you in making an informed decision no matter the scale of your purchase.
Tapkar connects you with India's best and all it takes is a 'Tap'

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How Easy is it to buy services on Tapkar

As Easy as 1,2,3.

1. Search among 100s of Businesses who are providing the services you are looking for.
2. Compare them via Reviews, Portfolio, Pricing, Location, Clients, Experience etc.
3. Directly select their Services from their Business Page and Add to Cart!

3. Sell


Want to sell your Membership? Or your Creative Expertise/Talent? Any B2B / B2C Services? Enroll Students? Travel Packages? Writing? Graphics? Event Planning? Any other Service/Plans?

Sell directly from your Business Page on Tapkar!

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Now it's easy to Expand your Business

Selling your Service on Tapkar is simple as 1,2,3.

1. Create your Awesome Business Page. Takes less than 10 minutes. Even less most times.
2. Register to Sell on Tapkar. One time registration, lifetime benefits.
3. Add your Products to your listing (business page) and you're ready!

I want to create my Business Page


What are you looking for?

Explore Service Firms, Stores, Restaurants, Hotels, Startups around you.

How to create your Business Page on Tapkar?

Tapkar makes it extremely easy for all kinds of businesses to register themselves, for simple access of information to our users.
Follow the steps below:


Simply register on Tapkar by clicking on Register icon at the top. Select a Username, Enter your Email, Choose a Password and you're all set!

Add a Listing

Search for your company, if someone else has already added your listing, so that you could 'Claim' it easily. Else, After successfully confirming your email, and updating your profile, go to Add Listing option. Select a Plan (Free or Paid), Add your Business Info and other details, and you're all set!

Add Coupons, Jobs, Events

Once your Listing is live, you can add jobs, events, and coupons etc, to it via Dashboard > Listings. Just tap on Edit Listing, and select the Jobs and Events you have added on Tapkar!